Sunday, August 24, 2008

closing ceremonies

today i completed my 3rd unfinished object for the unfinished olympics, just in time for the closing ceremonies tonight. i really earned a medal this year. these are my Millicent socks that i started knitting in april of 2007. i just ran out of steam with the 2x2 ribbing but having the olympics on really kept me on track and i got them done. now it's back to more fun knits.


carie said...

Those are really cool Cam!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

These socks are the coolest I have ever seen so beautiful you rock!!!!Hugs Darcy

Kelly said...

Every time you wear these socks I am in awe of your knitting skillz. I just found your blog through Kristen's. :)

Nancy said...

You knit such lovely things! I'm impressed with the quick work you did on the shawl for your friend! By the way, I'm Kristen Wilde's mother (and a knitter myself). I saw your knitting blog listed on her blog page, and had to check it out!
I also used the Olympics as motivation to finish UFO's.
Happy knitting!