Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Today (well, yesterday actually, but let's not get too technical...)I finished the last part of my last project, and then I spent the rest of the night with my headphones in, trying to proof-read my papers until I couldn't think straight anymore (which was about 12 minutes ago).  I finished the sock sample for the shop last night and delivered it today...and I forgot a photo, but I'll take one on Tuesday and upload it.  It turned out surprisingly pretty, considering that the yarn is so masculine.  I think Dante will love this pair (when he finally gets them).  He wore his first pair today to church (all on his own) and I was so proud.  When I wake up in about... 6 hours... I'll make some creamy polenta for breakfast, have some tea, finish proofreading my work, and then knit on the baby sweater (which is almost done).  Then I have to cast on for the new sample sweater and try to remain focused on it while all these skeins of sock yarn call my name. 

Looks like I may be wrong about the weather tomorrow...I hear it should be beautiful.  Rats.  I hate breaking with tradition.

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MOM said...

Happy Birthday to you my dear Daughter I hope it's pretty for once on your birthday you have earned a sunny day..I love you and if I forget to say it often here it is in print. Love MOM