Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whiped out

Today was just like any other day, except the part where I slept on the couch for four hours, woke up feeling tired and weak, and forced myself to go to Sams club to buy a gift for a friend's wedding tomorrow and a large bottle of Iron. The cycles of my body are so unpredictable due to my IUD and now that I'm not eating meat I really feel it. I've never felt so weak or tired since I last gave birth and when I was in the store I started to feel hot and swayed a little bit. I've been good about getting protein, and now with a friend's advice I'm making sure that I eat enough carbs too so that I keep up my fuel and my blood sugar doesn't drop too low but I guess I'm still not getting enough iron even though I've been pretty good about varying my veggies. I'm hoping that the pills will kick in by tomorrow morning so I can be alert and peppy at church, and at my friend's wedding.

I'll need to eat before the wedding tomorrow. It's a really low key wedding in their Aunt's back yard with a cookout to follow and there will be the customary hot dogs and hamburgers. I'm not eating hot dogs or hamburgers now. I joked that I'll bring a Boca burger with me and ask them to throw it on the grill, and two of my friends suggested that I really should. I don't know how comfortable I feel about carrying veggie burgers around in my purse and then asking them to throw in on the grill but I might have to consider it. I'm already feeling weak and I don't think I can live on green salad and potato salad all day, lol.

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