Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year, new blog

there will be knitting to discuss but i have to try to publicly embarrass myself into dieting and going to the gym as i have now gained an excessive amount of weight over the holiday season. i've never been so heavy in my life where i wasn't at least 8 months pregnant and even my fat clothes are too small now. i bought a gym membership on friday to Planet Fitness and i went today. i signed up for a class on monday and i need to get in there at least 3 days a week. i also have to go online and try to get a diet in place cause 202 is just way too much. i just weighed myself a few mornings ago and i was 6 lbs lower. how did i gain 6 lbs in less than a week!! i got off the Prozac and i haven't lost any weight. i've actually gained. now here's the plan. lets see if i can stick to it.
  1. write down everything i eat, drink and snack on 3 separate lists. i need to see which areas are most in need of improvement. probably all of them but one thing at a time.
  2. blog my weight weekly and how often i actually got to the gym.
  3. hope that not fitting into my largest clothes will be incentive enough to keep away from the sweets. i'm going to allow 1 day a week for sweets. my boss does sundays. because of fasting, i think i'll go with saturdays.
todays weight: 202 lbs
gym: 10 minutes on elliptical machine- fat burning program
50 lbs back extension, 2 sets of 12
50 lbs crunch machine, 2 sets of 12

for the love of chocolate, lets hope this works!

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Kelly said...

Hi Cambria! If you're interested in tracking your food online at all, I use and find its tracking program is really easy to use. You can even look me up if you get on it - my username is Kellyim.

Good luck to you! I've been eating fewer carbs since last Monday and this week I'll be getting back to the gym.